SAT / SNBT / Tes Kedinasan / Overseas University Entrance Exam


Are you looking for tutor to help you for preparation in entering overseas or local university?

We provide program for private and semi private tutor specialized in SAT / SNBT / Seleksi Sekolah Kedinasan / any university entrance exam (UEE). We are ready to help you enter your dream college.

If you interesting to study abroad or international class in local university (such as ITB, KKI UI), you need to take some overseas college admission tests. These tests are mainly to test your analytical and literacy skills and knowledge, and mostly they include SAT or any entrance examination.

Who Requires SAT / UEE / SNBT / Seleksi Kedinasan?

The SAT is required for most universities and colleges in the United States of America through offer four-year undergraduate programs. Started in 1926, the SAT has no official prerequisite and is taken within and outside the US.

The examinations comprises of certain subjects to test your analytical skills, your writing skills, and your knowledge in areas of social science, humanities, and many more.

UEE is needed as an admission requirement of some well known international universities in Singapore, Japan, South Korea, such as NUS, NTU, Tokyo University, KAIST and so on.

In Indonesia, Seleksi Nasional Berbasis Tes or SNBT, is a college entrance exam for admission of new students in state universities using written examinations nationally. Our tutors who come from top state university (UI, ITB, UGM) are ready to help you succeed SNBT. (ELC menyediakan bimbel SNBT dengan pengajar mumpuni dari PTN top seperti UI, UGM dan ITB yang juga pernah melalui SNBT dengan sukses. Kamu tidak perlu khawatir, karena mereka siap membantumu.)

Specialised Prep Classes or Private Tuition for Overseas or Local (PTN) College Admission

If you are thinking of saving money and enrol yourself in a specialised prep class, don’t. These admission tests are unlike regular school exams, require a certain technique to master them. Narrowing it down to the style of questions to the different categories, you need to allocate certain time limitation to each question and an overall time limitation to each category. A misstep may mean that you will not be able to complete the entire test, one of the common mistakes leading to low scores in these tests.

A personal private tutor is able to identify your weakness and strengths in the different area of the test and meticulously calculate the different time allocation for different categories.

It is not easy to obtain the best score in these tests especially when your future education endeavours are at stake, however; it is not entirely impossible to hit a high score. To do so, one must be mentally well prepared weeks before taking these tests and the most efficient method is to hire a professional private tutor.

How SAT / UEE / SNBT / Seleksi Kedinasan Private Tuition Helps Your Preparation

It is very important to be well prepared before taking any of these tests, because:

  1. You need to show that you really ready for college or university, and these tests are a way to prove that, both to yourself and to the institution you are seeking entry into.

  2. If you really want to study overseas, you need to do well in these tests to meet the minimum entry criteria for the program you are going for.

  3. Preparation familiarizes you with the subjects, raising your comfort level and eliminating self-doubt and anxiety.

  4. Knowing to question formats gives you an edge, helping you build your stamina to take these hours-long tests. They are like marathons, and they are all timed, so preparing for this makes it easier for you to handle.

  5. Knowing the question formats also helps you to answer questions in an efficient manner, which can actually save you time.

A dedicated private tutor who has gone through the SAT / UEE / SNBT / Seleksi Kedinasan tests can give you personal guidance on how to prepare and do well in your exams. Don’t wait. Engage a private tutor today.