One concern for potential homeschooling parents is that they will be ultimately responsible for their child’s education. But by working with Excelsis Learning Center, that responsibility is shared and you will always have someone on hand to help on your homeschooling journey.

Benefits of Homeschooling

These are some benefits for your child and your family.

Benefits for the Child Development

  1. Home environment is less noisy and pressured than in a traditional school.

  2. If your child has unique talents, but struggle with other subjects you can restore the balance and allow them to flourish by choosing subject which suit them.

  3. You can follow the flow of your child’s interest and abilities rather than the requirements of classroom. You will have more control over the curriculum and teaching methods.

Benefits for the Family

  1. Family bonds are strengthened as you and your child share ideas and experiences.

  2. No school run necessary — which is great for the environment! The extra time gained may allow your child to pursue outside hobbies and interest whilst also cutting out wasted parts of your day.

  3. Children can work at times when they are most productive and get more sleep.

Reason of Choosing Homeschooling

These are reason why choosing homeschooling is the best option for your children.


Elite Athlete

Expatriate Families

School Phobia

Gifted Children



Travelling Families



ELC Homeschooling System

The teaching methods provided by ELC are Active Learning methods, Lecturing, Discussion and Problem-Based Learning. Teachers will analyze and identify student needs from learning problems that students experience, then the instructor will provide teaching to solve the problem.

ELC’s private and semi private-class programs are defined as where student will learn by being guided by a teacher intensively. The place it can be in student’s house or in ELC facility.

We look forward to welcoming you and your child to Excelsis Learning Center Homeschooling.